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DJ G The Prince Born and raised in Queens NY. He didn't start his Dj career until his sophomore year of college in 2012. Being a promoter and photographer for the union ent helped him make some interesting connections. starting out he shadowed many big time DJs including DJ Big nasty, Supa Dj big L and Dj Flow. Learning from them so early in his career has helped in his growth. From 2012-2016 G the prince went from a opening DJ to running his school,Morgan State University, and even being nominated top 5 HBCU DJs in the country in 2015. In 2016 he decided to move back to his hometown Queens NY. While there he continued DJ'ing in bars, clubs and lounges across the city. He also started working with independent artist doing various showcases. It wasn't long before radio stations started taking interest. He DJ'd for Wvmr Radio Titan Radio and Desertstorm Radio before starting his own radio show. G the prince quickly fell in love with online radio and is now pursuing a career in that field. At the beginning of 2019 he moved back to Baltimore to continue his career and finish school in the process. He is now working on several projects with different brands and companies.


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